IKA Culinary Olympics (Junior)
2012, Erfurt, Germany

America National Junior Team


America National Junior Team
America National Junior Team
Photo Credit: ACF

Manager Alex Darvish, Executive Chef
Huston Country Club, Huston
Coach Randy Torres, Oregon Coast Culinary Institute
Team Member Edalyn Garcia, Student,Oregon Coast Culinary Institute
Laura Chandler, Student, Oregon Coast Culinary Institutest
Maddie Cutts, Student, Oregon Coast Culinary Institute
Reilly Meehan, Student, Oregon Coast Culinary Institute
Alfonso Mendoza, Student, Oregon Coast Culinary Institute
Krista Nakamura, Student, Oregon Coast Culinary Institute

Olympic Champion Sweden Sweden National Junior Culinary Team Olympic Champions
2nd Place Norway Norway National Junior Team
3rd Place Switzerland Switzerland National Junior Team
4th Place Denmark National Junior Team Denmark
5th Place United States America National Junior Team
6th Place Thailand Thailand National Junior Team
9th Place Germany Germany National Junior Team
15th Place Austria Austria National Junior Team
Comments: 25 Nations Competed

Researched and Compiled by Maurice O'Flynn

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