IKA Culinary Olympics
2004, Erfurt, Germany

America National Team


America National Team
America National Team
L-R: Rosendale; Buchner; Keating; Root; Leonard; Scannell

Manager Edward G.Leonard, Executive Chef
Westchester Country Club,Rye, N.Y.
Captain Richard Rosendale CEC, Chef / Owner
Rosendale Restaurant, Columbus, Ohio
Team Member Daniel Scannell, CMC, Executive Chef
Caregie Abbey Club, Porsmouth, R.I.
Joachim Bucher, CMC, Executive Chef
Chevy Chase Club, Chevy Chase, Md.
Jamie Keating, Chef/Owner
Gourmet Events & Catering Co, River Mill Events Center, Columbus, Georgia
Mellisa K. Root, Pastry Chef
Payard Patisserie and Bistro, Ceasers Palace, Las Vegas

Olympic Champion Sweden Sweden National Team Olympic Champions
2nd Place Switzerland Switzerland National Team
3rd Place United States America National Team
4th Place Canada Canada National Team
5th Place Scotland Scotland National Team
7th Place Singapore Singapore National Team
8th Place Italy Italy National Team
9th Place Norway Norway National Team
10th Place Australia Australia National Team
11th Place Germany South Africa National Team
13th Place Iceland Icelandic National Team

32 National Team Competed

Researched and Compiled by Maurice O'Flynn

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