IKA Culinary Olympics
2008, Erfurt, Germany

Norway National Team Olympic Champions


Norway National Team Olympic Champions
Norway National Team Olympic Champions
Photo Credit: Tom Haga
L-R: Victor; Kjar Tan; Gunnar; Elise; Renaa; Sverre; Steffen; Espen; Kari; Ronny; Even; Andreas

Manager Sven Erik Renaa, Executive Chef / Owner
“Circus Renaa “, Stavanger
Captain Gunnar Hvarnes, Chef de Cuisine
Norwegian Culinary Institute, Stavanger
Team Member Gjermund Kvaerna Bjelland, Pastry Chef
Sverres Conditori AS, Oslo.
Kjar Tan Skjelde, Chef de Cuisine / Owner
Tango Bar & Kitchen, Stavanger
Andreas Myhrvold, Chef de Cuisine
Gastronomisk Institute, Stavenger
Espen Vesterdal , Larsen,Executive Pastry Chef
Kulinarisk Academy, Oslo
Sverre Saetre, Pastry Chef / Owner
Sverres Conditori AS,Oslo
Ronny Kolvik, Chef de Cuisine
Palace Grill Oslo
Even Ramvsvik, Chef de Cuisine
Restaurant Oscarsgatenn, Oslo
Kari Innera, Chef de Cuisine
Restaurant Cru, Oslo
Elise Bratteng Ronning, Assistant Chef de Cuisine
”2 Rooms & Kitchen” Trondheim
Steffen Engelhard, Adviser
Statoil Hydro, Stavanger
Tom Victor , Gausdal,Adviser,Chef de Cuisine / Owner
Flavours Restaurants, Oslo

Olympic Champion Norway Norway National Team Olympic Champions
2nd Place Germany Germany National Team
3rd Place Sweden Sweden National Team
4th Place Singapore Singapore National Team
5th Place Canada Canada National Team
6th Place Denmark Denmark National Team
7th Place United States America National Team
8th Place Switzerland Switzerland National Team
9th Place Australia Australia National Team
10th Place Iceland Icelandic Culinary National Team
11th Place Netherlands Netherlands National Team
12th Place Hong Kong Hong Kong National Team
20th Place Wales Wales National Culinary Team
23rd Place Italy Italy National Team
Comments: 32 national teams competed

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