Bocuse d'Or.
2009, Lyons, France

Norway's Geir Skeie


Norway's Geir Skeie
Norway's Geir Skeie
Photo Credit: Mr. Hellstrøm

Champion Geir Skeie, Chef de Cuisine
Restaurant Mathuset Solvold, Sandefjord, Norway
Team Member Adrian Hgsand, Commis
Restaurant Matthias Dahigre,Stockholm

1st Place Norway Norway's Geir Skeie
2nd Place Sweden Jonas Lundgren
3rd Place France Philippe Mille
4th Place Denmark Denmark
5th Place Switzerland Switzerland
6th Place United States America
7th Place Iceland Iceland
8th Place Japan Japan
Comments: Sweden 2nd Place Jonas Lundgren, Bagatelle Restaurant, Oslo.

France 3rd Place Philippe Mille, Hotel Le Meurice, Paris.

9th Canada

10th United Kingdom

11th Finland

12th Australia

13th The Netherlands

14th Czech Republic

15th Estonia

16th Luxembourg

17th Mexico

18th Singapore

19th Malaysia

20th Spain

21st Brazil

22nd South Africa

23rd Urugay

24th South Korea

Researched and Compiled by Maurice O'Flynn

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