IKA Culinary Olympics
2012, Erfurt, Germany

England National Culinary Team


England National Culinary Team
England National Culinary Team
Photo Credit: England Team Portfolio

Captain Simon Hulstone
The Elephant Restaurant, Torquay
Team Member Adam Smith
The Ritz Hotel, London
Andrew Ditchfiels, Executive Pastry Chef
The House of Commons, Westminister, LOndon
Claark Crawley
The Restaurant Association
Simon Webb
Merrill Lynch, London
Jordon Bailey
The Elephant Restaurant, Torquay

Olympic Champion Sweden Sweden National Culinary Team Olympic Champions
2nd Place Norway Norway National Team
3rd Place Germany Germany National Team
4th Place Canada Canada National Team
5th Place Switzerland Switzerland National Team
6th Place United States America National Team
9th Place Australia Australia National Team
10th Place Japan Japan National Team
11th Place Hong Kong Hong Kong National Team
16th Place England England National Culinary Team
Comments: 34 National Teams Competed.

Researched and Compiled by Maurice O'Flynn

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