From time to time we hear of “The Chefs Grand Prix” this can conjure up images of the Pillsbury Doughboy standing in for the Michelin Man, in fact the Grand Prix refers to the four major international culinary salons.

The preeminent Salon on the circuit is The Internationale Kochkunst ausstellung referred to as the IKA or the Culinary Olympics. For many decades it was staged in Frankfurt in conjunction with the HOGA Trade Show hence the reference IKA HOGA. In 1988 the Salon successfully relocated to Erfurt, Germany.

Moving on to Switzerland we join the IGEHO and the Salon Culinaire Mondial. The 1st International Culinary Salon held in Switzerland was the ZIKA in Zurich in 1930; Monsieur August Escoffier was Honorary President of the Jury. The first Salon Culinaire Mondial was held in 1987. Basel continues as the host city for this Salon.

Remaining in Europe we travel to Luxembourg for EXPOGAST and the World Cup. This competition was launched in 1982 as the European Cup.

The two major international events remaining take us to Singapore and to Chicago. The S.E.Asian Biennial Culinary Challenge held in conjunction with The Food & Hotel Asia Trade Show (FHA) is organized by the Singapore Exhibition Services. The competition was first held in 1978. In later years competing teams have joined in ‘The Battle for the Lion’.

The American Culinary Classic is held at McCormack Place, and hosted by  The National Restaurant Association. Each of these Salons are endorsed by The World Association of Cooks Societies.

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