Salon Culinaire Mondial
2013, Basel, Switzerland

Netherlands National Team


Netherlands National Team
Netherlands National Team
Photo Credit: Photo Acreditation Unknown
L-R: Merks; Van Galen; Hoedjes; Panjer; Brouwers; Kremer; Below: Vichianrat; Van Dijk

Manager Waldrik Kremer
Team Member Ronnie Marks
Lars van Galen
Robbin Hoedjes
Guido Panjer
Henry Brouwers

1st Place Hong Kong Hong Kong National Team IGEHO Culinary World Masters
2nd Place Switzerland Switzerland National Team
3rd Place Singapore Singapore National Team
Unknown Place Canada Canada National Team
Unknownth Place Netherlands Netherlands National Team
Comments: Chef de Mission: Wynand Vogel.
The Netherlands Team claimed 3rd Place in the Hot Kitchen Competition

Researched and Compiled by Maurice O'Flynn

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