IKA.Olympiade der Köche
1956, Frankfurt, Germany

America National Team


America National Team
America National Team
Photo Credit: ACF Culinary Review
L-R: Spielbichler; Debes; Kramer; Laesecke; Wohlkopf; Schmitz; Leuppe

Manager Fred Wohlkopf, Executive Chef
The Gripsholm Hotel, America
Captain Paul Laesecke, Master Chef
H.J.Heinz Company, Pittsburgh, America
Team Member Paul Debes, Executive Chef
The Staint Francis Hotel, San Francisco, America
Paul Leuppe, Executive Chef
The Sheraton Hotel, Chicago, America
Otto Spielbichler
The University Club, Pittsburgh, America

Unknownth Place United States America National Team
Comments: 1956 was the first time that America sent a team to Frankfurt to compete in the Culinary Olympics.

It would seem that at this time it was the practice to award medals for Gold and Silver and not team placements.

The following are published results:

U.S.Team Silver Cup,Grand Prize for the Exhibition.

1st Prizes: Germany; France; England; Denmark; Holland; Belgium; Switzerland; Italy; Hungary.

Researched and Compiled by Maurice O'Flynn

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