IKA Hoga Culinary Olympics
1972, Frankfurt, Germany

America National Team


America National Team
America National Team
Photo Credit: Kraft Foods
L-R: Cihelka; Kuhn; Muthofer; Mitterhauser; Lobil; Oskowitz; Hough; Ecker

Manager Jack Sullivan (RIP), Executive Chef
Disneyland Hotel, California
Captain Bernhard Urban, Executive Chef
Royal Coach Motor Inn, Huston, Texas
Team Member Milos Cihelka, F&B Director
The Athletic Club, Detroit
Nicklaus Kuhn, Executive Chef
Northmoor Country Club, Illinois
Siegbert Muthofer, Chef Consultant
F.S.Management Operation, US
Klaus Mitterhauser, Principal Research Chef
Gereral Mills, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Helmut Lobil, Executive Pastry Chef
Host International,St.Louis International Airport, St.Louis
Lutz Oskowitz, Executive Pastry Chef
The Drake Hotel, Chicago
Tom Hough, Promotions Representative
Kraft Foods, America
Franz Ecker, Executive Chef
Lander Hill Country Club, Acron, Ohio
Gerhard Grimeissen, Executive Chef
Del Paso Country Club, California
Frank Berger (RIP), Executive Chef
Stadium Club, Busch Memorial Stadium, St. Louis
Richard Blaisdell, Chef Decorator
The Waldorf Astoria Hotel, New York,N.Y.

Olympic Champion Japan Japan National Team Olympic Champions
2nd Place Switzerland Switzerland National Team
3rd Place Germany Germany National Team
4th Place Canada Canada National Team
Unknownth Place United States America National Team
Comments: The American Team came in 1st Place in Cold Buffet and 3rd Place in Hotel Entree Restaurant Competition.

21 National Teams competed.
Missing from the team photograph: Jack Sullivan;Richard Blaisdell;
Frank Berger;Gerhard Grimeissen; B.Urban

Researched and Compiled by Maurice O'Flynn

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