Battle for the Lion, Food and Hotel Asia
2002, Singapore, Singapore

Norway National Team


Norway National Team
Norway National Team
L-R: Solvold; Tjessem; Gausdal; Undrum; Berglund; Gundersen

Manager Odd Ivar Solvold, Head Chef
Restaurant Solvold, Sandefjord; Norway
Captain Charles Tjessem, Head Chef
Statoil Main Residence, Stavanger; Norway
Team Member Kjetil Gundersen, Chef/Manager
The Cilinary Institute; Osloo, Norway
Kristoffer Hovland, Head Chef
Fossheim, Lom; Norway
Lars Erik Undrum, Pastry Chef/Head Chef
Pascal Brasserie; Oslo, Norway
Tom Victor Gausdal, Owner/Head Chef
Flavours Catering; Norway
Erling Sundal, Co-Owner/Chef
Flavours Catering; Norway
Roy Magne Berglund, Owner/Head Chef
Restaurant Du Verden; Lofoten, Norway
Line Mosebekk, Chef/Pastry Chef
Restaurant Bagatelle; Norway

1st Place Norway Norway National Team
2nd Place Switzerland Sweeden National Team
3rd Place Singapore Singapore National Team
Comments: Absent from Photo: Hovland; Sundal; Mosebekk

Researched and Compiled by Maurice O'Flynn

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